You are WHOLE, even if you feel broken...

My Wholeness Approach to Healing via Energy Medicine, Mentorship, or Learning Self-Healing Self-Care Practices that upgrade your ability to cope, navigate, and regulate your bodymind can help you feel better, recover faster, and leave behind struggling and stuckness.

Where you begin healing depends on what you need right now...

Read or Watch to learn more aobut what type of support is most beneficial for you in the state you are in right now.

PRO TIP: When in CRISIS or HIGH STRESS, go directly to Nervous System Regulation before anything else

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1:1 Private Energy Medicine Session


Private Intuitive Energy Medicine

Private Energy Medicine Sessions allow me to Listen to Your Body to identify the non-physical root causes of your discomfort, limitation, struggle, suffering, illness, or feeling stuck.

The human body, mind, and spirit operate in a dynamic relationship within the individual AND the environment...this means that every part of you and your life are influencing how you feel and function.

The physical body learns how to function and operate through experiences... 

And it can UNLEARN old, outdated patterns learned from the past that are still impacting how you feel, flow, think, behave, and function in the present.

Instead of addressing the part of you with the symptom... Energy Medicine addresses the WHOLE YOU, regardless of where the symptoms show up, to help your body do what it is designed to do: Restore healing and balance so you feel and function well in your body, mind, and world around you.


ONE 60 minute Private Session $197

What to expect: 

During a session:

  • Meet face-to-face on a Zoom call in the comfort of your own space
  • Listen to what your bodymind needs in order to heal the root cause
  • Identify and mobilize emotional energy blocks 
  • Restore optimal communication and flow in your energy and physical bodies
  • Support your body's natural healing systems for deep healing
  • Identify simple adjustments that will support your healing
  • Introduce a triage plan for recovering faster & easier from life's ups/downs
  • Clearing energy of the past stil impacting your ability to thrive in the present 


Who Benefits:

Does this sound familiar?

  • Struggle with repetitive cycles of issues, symptoms, or feeling stuck
  • Can't find answers or solutions via traditional healing paths
  • Tired of feeling stuck in feelings, thoughts, or pain of the past
  • Knowing there is a reason for your struggles but can't identify them
  • Ready to heal but don't know how
  • Have been told your issues are 'in your head'
  • Have tried therapy but talking about the past isn't getting you results

If this sounds like you or you simply desire deep healing support, Energy Medicine is right for you


Private Energy Medicine Packages


Private Intuitive Energy Medicine Packages

Energy Medicine Packages are for those ready for powerful, deep healing. 

They include everything listed above in ONE Private Energy Medicine Session, PLUS:

  • a pre-recorded clearing, deeper healing, & embodiment/integration session for use as between session support 
  • Another pre-recorded energy medicine session for ongoing use after the package is complete for continued healing support and maintenance


Package of 3 Private Sessions $527

Package of 5 Private Sessions $827

Package of 10 Private Sessions $1497

[recommend using package of 3 within 3 mos, 5 within 6 mos, and 10 within a year]

WholeCare Membership
for Developing a Practical, Sustainable Self-Care Practice

WholeCare Membership

Coming Soon, you can join my online community of learning, guidance, and support... the only way self-care practices are going to create lasting 

ThriveLife Mentorship Program

Combined intuitive healing & coaching program to remove the invisible barriers between you and the outcomes you desire

ThriveLife Mentorship Program

Coming Soon, combine intuitive healing with intuitive coaching and purposeful self-care to rewrite the story of you for a Thriving body, mind, relationship, and spirit.

Some of my personal and professional qualifiers as an intuitive healer and coach include:

  • I’m an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who learned (and teaches!) how to navigate sensitivity comfortably in the body and functionally in the world 
  • I am neurodivergent, having diagnosed cPTSD, ADD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)…and I know (and teach!) how to thrive & function WITH neurodivergence
  • I have successfully navigated chronic pain and illness, having developed a way to respond to my body’s needs in sustainable ways.
  • My prior career experience includes auto-cad design, photography, graphic art & design which nourished my ability to see through a lens of beauty and wholeness.
  • I am a trauma-informed spiritual practitioner and coach.
  • I have advanced training related to energetics.
  • I am currently in the process of completing a BA in Business.
  • I am dedicated to lifelong learning for professional and personal growth & development.
Learn More About Me and My Certifications, Values, & Lineage

Let’s work together, so you don’t have to keep up the struggle and limitation you’ve been working so hard for so long to overcome.
I’m ready when you are.

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These programs are intended to provide options to support you, your health, and your resources or to provide you an opportunity to support others in the community…because wholeness implies much more than the individual, but the way we show up for each other, as well.

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