Working With Me

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all ANYTHING, especially not when it comes to healing, so I have created a variety of options to fit your highly individual needs and resources. I want you to be able to access what works best for you, whether that involves
working together 1:1, supporting you in a group setting, or providing resources for your you going it alone.

Some people do their best work on their own, others with a large support system, and others require individual attention
(which is a nice way of saying “I have no idea what I’m doing, I need HALP” – this was me a bit more than decade ago, I totally get it!).

Wherever you are is where I will meet passion & purpose is to reduce the struggle.

What exactly do you need?

It's okay if you don't know.

I didn't always know either.

Increasing clarity is part of my methodology, training, and experience.

Having clarity about your needs enables you to move into desirable outcomes instead of cycling through the patterns of outcome you find UN...

UNdesirable, UNappealing, UNsustainable, and/or UNcomfortable.

Clarity is the first step toward conscious decisions, conscious action, and conscious outcomes...

Clarity will help you create more of what you need or want, and less of what you don't need or want.

Clarity will help you obtain the support necessary to restoring comfort, balance, and flow.

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What is included with working with me:

  • Face-to-Face time 
  • Detailed reading of your energy pathways, emotions, and subconscious patterns
  • Facilitating healing within your energy body and physical body, observing shifts within your nervous system
  • Simple guided somatic actions during your session to help process energy from your body that allow for new patterns to develop
  • Free post-session support resources available online
  • Email responses to questions or check ins about your experiences the week after your session
  • Confidentiality and respecting your privacy, in terms of your healing journey AND your personal information
  • Some programs include group support, a private community forum, and online learning

What makes me different from other Energy Practitioners?

My whole-person approach. That's why I call it a Wholeness Approach to Healing, Growth, & Self-Care.

When we work together, I address the whole you – not just the parts experiencing issues.

Energy is where we start when we work together, but there is so much more to your whole humanness.

Your physical body is the key to your personal &/or spiritual growth, as well as your overall wellbeing.

The reason your body is key that everything you consciously or unconsciously sense, consume, think, feel, perceive, and interact with is filtered through your physical body.

The nervous system and biochemistry are patterned by everything the body filters (or processes). 

Everything the body gets patterned by influences outcomes, function, thought/feeling, health, behavior, response/reaction, relationship, comfort level, and how you show up in the world. Your patterns literally create your reality, whether you are aware of them or not.

This is where the cool part comes into play...because it works both ways. 

Yes, you are influenced from the outside inward...but you can also influence from the inside outward.

Learning how to influence from within reconnects you with your innate, authentic power to heal, balance, process, & recover from the normal ups & downs of being human.

It creates space for new possibilities and potential outcomes. 

It is so empowering and such a relief to discover ways to respond to the signals of your body and a new way to navigate your human experience in it's fullness...

But I'll be completely honest with you: healing & growth via my Wholeness Approach isn't an easy button. It will not eliminate all the discomfort or ups & downs of being human...there is no medicine - holistic, allopathic, or any other type - that will magically eliminate sensations, feelings, symptoms, issues, or patterns that cause discomfort. 

My Wholeness Approach may not magically fix what needs fixing...but it can certainly free you from the limitations of the past and that makes it pretty magical. It reconnects people to their authentic humanness, which includes more power to influence healing, transform, and balance the aspects of your humanness in need of relief, flow, or improvement.

Learn More about Wholeness Approach Methodology

Some of my personal and professional qualifiers as an intuitive healer and coach include:

  • I’m an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who learned (and teaches!) how to navigate sensitivity comfortably in the body and functionally in the world 
  • I am neurodivergent, having diagnosed cPTSD, ADD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)…and I know (and teach!) how to thrive & function WITH neurodivergence
  • I have successfully navigated chronic pain and illness, having developed a way to respond to my body’s needs in sustainable ways.
  • My prior career experience includes auto-cad design, photography, graphic art & design which nourished my ability to see through a lens of beauty and wholeness.
  • I am a trauma-informed spiritual practitioner and coach.
  • I have advanced training related to energetics.
  • I am currently in the process of completing a BA in Business.
  • I am dedicated to lifelong learning for professional and personal growth & development.

Let’s work together, so you don’t have to keep up the struggle and limitation you’ve been working so hard for so long to overcome.
I’m ready when you are.

To decide how you’d like to work with me, you can learn more about my offerings and methodology [will link to more info] or schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss how my wholeness approach fits with your needs.

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Lastly, I encourage you to learn about my community [link coming soon] and affiliate programs, as well.
These programs are intended to provide options to support you, your health, and your resources or to provide you an opportunity to support others in the community…because wholeness implies much more than the individual, but the way we show up for each other, as well.

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