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Who is Wholeness-based healing, coaching, and self-care for?

  • For change-makers, growth-seekers, and wellness-seekers. 
  • For healers, empaths, intuitive & sensitive persons.
  • For anyone tired of working so hard only to take 2 steps forward, and 10 back.
  • For improving function and comfort in every aspect of you and your life.
  • For unburdening yourself of past pain, trauma, and conditioning.
  • For moving beyond the repetitive cycle of feeling stuck, sick, small, or broken.
  • For breaking free of past, ancestral, and systemic patterns.
  • For receiving support to facilitate natural healing and learning how to continue that process on your own. 

It's for wholeness seekers…

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I’m Michelle Clinard and I’m a trauma-informed intuitive healing practitioner and coach.

I facilitate healing from the inside out using a wholeness approach. I help people feel and live their lives more comfortably and consciously using a wholeness approach, without having to feel stuck or struggle. Across the past 11 years, I’ve provided healing, coaching support, and training to hundreds of people ready to embody their wholeness in 1:1 healing and coaching sessions, group masterminds, and online courses.

I believe wholeness applies to more than just the individual (micro level)...wholeness is realized at a level of family, community, and social systems, as well. Every aspect of the human experience can be improved through connection and awareness, making a wholeness approach the more effective path to creating more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Toxic capitalist culture tells you have to do it all on your own...but healing and growth have better outcomes in community. I help people feel and live their lives more comfortably and consciously, without having to struggle.

I specialize in helping people who want to feel at home in their body and in the world with way less suffering using the methodology of my wholeness approach. 


Wholeness methodology provides a framework to facilitate awareness of and reconnection with your true power to heal and influence
how you feel in your body and show up in the world. 

That way you don’t continue to struggle to overcome barriers and obstacles that are hard-wired into your physiology and biochemistry, and instead you begin to flow and thrive. 


My methodology is rooted in our own human bodies being the key to healing and thriving.

My Wholeness Approach Method can be dissected into three stages:

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Wholeness is important to me because I want to deconstruct the oppressive, limiting systems that foster dysfunction and disconnection within our individual and collective bodies.

I once felt broken and unwhole myself, and I understand the struggle of striving to survive, desperate to feel better, safer, more connected, and functional in my body, relationships, health, and well as how to shift from struggling to thriving from the inside out.

My Wholeness System Methodology Addresses the ALL of you...

That's what WHOLENESS is really about; Not just the individual, but their community & environment, as well as the past experienes that shape the way they feel, function, and interact in on every level in the present...

Sickness management addresses the part of you having symptoms...

Healing-centered practices focus on all of you to get to the deep, underlying root also focuses on what is right with you, working with your body's natural healing and protection systems. 

Learn How Your Body Plays a Key Role in Your Health & Your Life

Your body is influenced by energy, and energy influencers are the food you eat, the people you encounter, & the environment that surrounds you.

The opposite is also true, that YOU are influencing everything around you with your energy...and you are a natural at it, it happens without even thinking about it or noticing.

When you learn how to utilize your body as the energy influencer it already is in a focused way, you learn how to influence your inner and outer world in a way that affords you the ability to navigate your human experience with comfort, balance, and resilience...

You are WAY more powerful than you've been led to believe...Are you ready to tap into your power?

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And while you're visiting my website, you can also learn more about me, my lineage, my story, and how my wholeness approach can help you with your needs without all the figuring it out or doing it all on your own, not to mention the added struggle that entails....

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Let’s work together, so you can get on with the thriving life you so very much desire and deserve. I’m ready when you are...


This community and all my offerings is my way of creating HOME...

A home for healing & growth. A safe space to remember how to feel at home in the body...

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  • WholeCare, which is sustainable self-care that supports your innate self-healing mechanisms so you can digest, sleep, breathe, relax, and feel better
  • A wholeness approach to healing from trauma and early childhood conditioning that still operates under the radar so you can free yourself from the pain or limitations of the past
  • The methodology of becoming more self-aware of your ability to influence from the inside out, so you can feel more at home in both your body and the world

Every week you’ll get practical, simple information you can use to gain insight and inspiration about what you need and what it takes to shift from stuck or struggling into a thriving life.

In full disclosure, I will occasionally invite you to sign up for my workshops or remind you that in addition to creating awesome online courses about information everyone should have access to regardless of their level of privilege, especially those most marginalized. I will also occasionally announce new courses and combined healing/coaching programs where we identify your unconscious limiting beliefs, emotions, and trauma that are the root cause of current issues, symptoms, and stuckness. 

 Welcome to my home, a safe space that supports your ability to THRIVE...

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