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Your body holds your stories...I can help you listen.

What does it mean that your body holds your stories?
Your Body Holds Your Stories is another way of explaining that your physical body contains all your subtle information, which consists of your conscious AND subconscious memories or experiences, emotions, beliefs, trauma, and sensory input PLUS the neural pathways created by them.
The patterns are what define and determine your health & wellbeing, relationships, self-image, world-view, thought, feeling, behavior, and life outcomes. They are the invisible operating systems that influence every aspect of your human experience, as well as your level of comfort or discomfort.
Listening to your body is key to identifying the invisible patterns that keep you feeling sick, stuck, and small.
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Some of the benefits of Wholeness-based healing, coaching, and self-care programs include:
  • Transform your well-being, life, and relationships...especially SELF-relationship
  • Feel reconnected to your personal power in a way that is healthy and valuable to your wellbeing
  • Consciously create the outcomes you desire and deserve
  • Develop your innate gifts and abilities (self-healing, Empath/intuitive)
  • Break free from the patterns of pain, trauma, and limitation of conditioning, personal experiences, subconscious beliefs, and ancestry/epigenetics
  • Start living YOUR AUTHENTIC STORY, one that expresses your divine truth - instead of operating within the limitations of a story written for you through other people's perception or pain
  • Learn How to Support your Whole Human Self...body, mind, emotions, & spirit so you can feel better, show up in integrity, and in create the life you desire (and deserve!) through a variety of optional programs & services offered through the lens of wholeness, community, and inclusion. 

Hi, I'm Michelle Clinard and I’m a trauma-informed, healing-centered Body Intuitive practitioner and coach who offers a Wholeness Approach to Healing & Growth.

I believe that imbalance, symptoms, and issues experienced in health, behavior, relationships, and life is created from the outside in...and healing or growth beyond our patterns is created from the inside out.

Wholeness is about more than the individual, it is also relative to our communities and the world as a whole.

A Wholeness Approach to healing or growth creates a ripple effect of change inward within the body, mind, and spirit, as well as outward within our social interactions, connections, communities, and systems.   

A Wholeness approach recognizes that healing & growth is most likely to take place within a system of support and guidance so you can progress sustainably and successfully on your unique journey. 

A Wholeness Approach utilizes the subtle body to consider ALL possible root causes, not just the area experiencing the symptom, including but not limited to: the nervous system, subconscious information, ancestral trauma/memory (epigenetics), and emotional energies.

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You don't have to figure it all out on your own...

I know what it feels like to struggle through on your own.
The resources, courses, and services I've created are intended to eliminate that struggle with healing, self-regulating, sourcing support, and providing options that meet you where you are, rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. 
Community is where healing, growth, clarity, and transformation can blossom. You do NOT have to figure this out on your own...

Let's Discuss How Wholeness Methodology Can Help You Meet Your Needs and Desired Outcomes

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Over the past 12 years, I’ve provided healing facilitation, coaching support, and a variety of training to thousands of people ready to embody their wholeness in 1:1 healing and coaching sessions, group masterminds, and online courses.
As a trauma-informed, healing-centered Body Intuitive healing practitioner and coach, my passion is helping people understand how and what the body communicates so they know how to respond in a way that restores comfort. 
It is my mission to empower my clients with practical, effective tools for nervous system & emotional regulation that make it possible to create new outcomes in their health, relationships, and life. 
I invite you to discover a new approach to healing, self-care, and growth...
"Your body holds your stories...I can help you listen." ~Michelle Clinard
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Kelley Harrell, author and Modern Shaman

Michelle has the ability to both soothe the person and delve into deeper layers that need to be heard. During my sessions with her, she made clear her process, related her work back to tangible, credible circumstances in my life, and explained how to progress with them to sustain the benefit of the sessions and healing done. Her discernment for what needs to be done and the needs of the person is rare and commendable.
She's officially on my Dream Team. 

Stacey Brown, Black Feather Intuitive

Michelle is such a calming, non-judgmental presence. It was easy to talk with her about my physical ailments and I was shocked at what she picked up on from past traumas that directly correlated with those ailments. I felt like a million bucks after leaving a season with her. I highly recommend her as a healing and wellness practitioner!



Lisa, Natural Wellness Business Owner/Operator

I had a wonderful experience with Michelle regarding some issues I had with arm pain that I suffered with for months. After our session, I was able to feel some relief from my pain. The next morning I was amazed to find I had absolutely no arm pain anymore – completely gone! I am still pain free a month later, it is clear that the root cause was not physical. During our sessions, I learned a great deal about some of my past/personal issues going on within my body. I highly recommend working with Michelle.

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