8-week Wholeness-based Self-Care Session begins March 2021

Join this 8 week session to learn the foundational aspects of Wholeness-based Self-care within a community of support.

Wholeness-based self-care is self-care that supports you in ways which activate your body’s natural healing & balancing mechanisms from the inside out. It can increase your capacity to care for yourself and others, as well as help you 
show up in the world the way you both desire and deserve... 

During this 8 week session, you will learn about the different types of self care and how self-care is deeply connected to wholeness & community. You will learn and practice simple actions that calm the nervous system, restore optimal brain-body communication, and process emotions to completion. There will be 4 live training calls during the 8 week session, as well as check-in evaluations and continued support, guidance, and conversation within a private FB group.

The first WholeCare™ session begins March 1, 2021. 
Enroll now to become part of this self-care community and join us for 8 weeks of prioritizing your needs on 
all levels of being (body, mind, emotion/energy) within a community of ongoing support.


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Be supported in community

Self-care can be really frustrating, or even impossible, when you don't have the level of support or community necessary to meet you where you are. Learn how the right type of self-care can help you identify your needs in a way that  facilitates community support.

Learn practical self-care tools that address 
your whole being

Fast, effective tools that calm the nervous system to help your body's natural healing mechanisms 
function more optimally while enabling you to process information & emotions more effectively.

Develop a Practice According to YOUR NEEDS

Learn the simple tools, then receive guidance in creating a daily practice that actually works FOR and WITH you so that you feel continued support (from self AND community) that grows with you and your ever-changing needs.

Wholeness-based Self-Care 8week Session

Join this 8 week session to learn the foundational aspects of
wholeness-based Self-care within a community of support. 
This 8 week session provides the foundational understanding and tools to support your body's natural ability to heal, balance, and function at an optimal level. It also provides a space for you to heal, learn, and tend to your needs within a supportive community. 
The Wholeness-based Self-Care Session meets just once every two weeks with online check-ins between meets and a FB group for inquiry and guidance. 

JOIN this 8-week Self-care Session with Pay What You Want/Can (PWYW/C) pricing so that there a level of commitment to self through an investment you can afford to kick off 2021.


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Community is necessary for
self-care to be possible & sustainable. 

The type of self-care I teach is geared toward wholeness which encompasses not only the whole individual - body, mind, emotions, and energy - but also wholeness as it applies to connection and communities. The Wholeness-based Self-care I teach provides effective ways to process emotions, calm the nervous system, and support the bodymind’s self-healing mechanisms in just 5-10 minutes per day. It takes support and clarity to practice self-care in a way that makes a real difference in how you feel...which is what you receive in this 8-week Self-care Session and beyond. 

Join for 8-weeks of Self-Care in Community

Simple, fast, sustainable self-care within an 
ongoing community of support

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