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Let me tell you what's up with my Surgical Recovery and Realigning with my Needs & Purpose...

accessibility body is key body messages listen to your body realign with purpose rest & recovery self-healing programs surgery recovery wholecare Aug 02, 2021

Firstly, let’s talk about my recovery from April’s surgery.

Yes, that is still a thing… *insert eyeroll here.

My body is still making adjustments and I am still operating at a slower pace and with limited availability. I still struggle with being patient, especially when I have things I want and need to do.

Here’s the deal: I am having a variety of symptoms, such as fatigue and palpitations. My labs look good, indicating that my body is restoring balance. The symptoms are my body communicating its discomfort with some of my body’s changes as it restores balance. I am responding with balanced action, seeing my doctor and checking my heart to be sure it is okay while also giving my body grace & space to do its thang by not pushing my limits and using self-healing techniques daily. 

Recently, my doctor confirmed the messages my body has been sending me, that due to the nature of the adrenalectomy surgery and recovery, I really need to give myself at least a year to fully recover. She also sent me to a cardiologist to check that my heart is okay (see pic of me wearing a heart monitor for two weeks...TWO WEEKS IS SOOOOO LOOOOONG, lol).

In all seriousness, I am grateful for the privilege of having access to a cardiologist and medical care in general. I believe in a balance between medical and spiritual wellness, which is why I’m passionate about making self-healing/spiritual wellness more accessible…medical and subtle body (or spiritual) modalities are complementary of one another. One or the other can be helpful, but many issues we face respond better to a combination of both...but our system doesn't make either very accessible. 

I desire healthcare being more accessible (and don’t come at me with ‘but,socialism’ as a rebuttal...we ALREADY have social welfare systems in place and they are so poorly operated in the U.S. compared to other countries that have the same. Universal healthcare is possible and it can be done within a paradigm of wellness instead of sickness and doctors can still get paid and people can stop having to choose between doctor’s visits and food. I’ve been there, therefore I find it UNacceptable that others must choose...anyway, I digress)...

To further support my point, I have been guided by my body’s wisdom, my intuition, and my endocrinologist to slow down and just let my body heal in the time it needs. 

So I’m doing that. I opened up my schedule to allow for a few extra appointments each week in addition to my annual program clients. And now, I am closing it back down for single sessions. I just can’t do all the things I need and want to do without exhausting myself and potentially denying my body what it is asking for. It’s been difficult to accept, but I accept it. 

By making this choice, I am officially moving beyond my former cycle of self-betrayal, which is an old/outdated coping mechanism where you put your needs, emotions, and/or desires behind everyone else’s in order to feel worthy of love or to keep the peace, or be pleasing...or any variety of other reasons related to avoiding pain or surviving. 

There are so many things I want to offer you so that I can show up in the world in integrity with my beliefs and in alignment with my gifts, skills, and expertise. Plus, I have personal goals and needs, as well as the responsibility of a family of one human child, four cats, and my partner. I acknowledge and accept that I cannot do all the things, and still be healing and balancing after this surgery. So, I am clearing some space for myself by reprioritizing my stuff and things. 

Here’s what this means for you:

  • I am continuing to work with my annual program clients but will be closing single sessions through the end of the year, at which time I will re-evaluate my needs and decide if I can/will open up a limited number of single healing sessions. 
  • You can expect to see an ongoing release of free content and resources related to energy, the body, the subtle body, trauma, and self-healing for the rest of this year because I can type and create digital files all.day.long without being exhausted. Oh, and please tell or invite your friends and loved ones to follow me so they can access all the things!
  • You can expect that I will hold at least one (possibly two, but no commitment yet) online training related to updating emotional coping/processing skills so you can recover faster instead of getting derailed by emotions (oh, believe me, this was my biggest obstacle from my teens through about age 37...I know what it is like, why it happens, and how to help interrupt this cycle) and WholeCare basics, which is a simple self-care technique to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms for improved health, sleep, immunity, and focus/memory.
  • You can expect that I will re-launch my website that I spent so much time updating during my early recovery, and that in doing so I will be showing up in more alignment with my own purpose, passion, and priorities.
  • There will be several new ways to work with me announced as the year progresses and I reconfigure my services to meet my needs, while showing up for others in my full power and expertise. I have been working with clients in an individual and one-off manner for 12 years. I added some ways to go deeper with me with some ongoing programs over the years, and I’ve learned that while my sessions are effective...my deeper work is effective, empowering, and life-changing. It shifts perceptions, beliefs, behaviors, outlooks, and relationships. It is time for me to do more of that. That’s why I started doing this work to begin with.
  • The changes I make in terms of resources, ways to work with me, etc will also serve my desire to make self-healing, trauma, emotion, energy, and other subtle body support more accessible and inclusive.

Anyway, that is all for now...there’s a video about this in case you prefer watching videos to reading: https://youtu.be/EQ8wbg_VCqk

I can’t wait to share my free resources and more with you as the year continues.

I'll be making announcements as I go and making new resources & info available on my website and social media pages...however, to best keep informed and have access to things as they come available, I recommend subscribing to receive my weekly(ish) THRIVE Newsletter via email. That is where you can access the most complete content. 

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