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Here’s what you might be feeling in your body related to Solar eclipse energy

body holds your stories body intuitive body is key energy practitioner healfromwithin solar eclipse energy Jun 09, 2021

There is a solar eclipse tomorrow, it is following closely behind the Gemini new moon.

I just announced my decision to suspend my Lunar Energy Readings, but this week has been a whole lot of ‘extra’ for most everyone I speak with - including myself…

So here I am to define the many ways the eclipse energy may be affecting your body, mind, emotions, and/or energy. 

You may feel like you’ve been receiving a heaping serving of any and every thing that has loose ends - all the things are a priority all at once. 

On top of that, it may have you feeling triggered...or extra triggered by what people say or how they interpret what you say.  

Emotionally, you may be experiencing a bit of agitation, irritation, annoyance, frustration, or on edge. Any intense emotion or a general sense of overwhelm.

Mentally, you may be having difficulty with focusing your attention. You may also be feeling stuck in your head with old thought patterns or reacting in ways more associated with the past. 

Physically, you may be experiencing sensations, symptoms, and pain patterns that have either been good/gone for a while returning out of the blue OR those that are manageable are suddenly intensified. 

Energetically, you may feel depleted, fatigued, listless, or out-of-sync.

Additionally, this eclipse energy has a dash of Mercury Retrograde energy which may be bringing up communication issues or involving people from the past making reappearances, regardless of the distance or time between you...and they may not be welcome. 

The New Moon energy represents what is unconscious or obscure to us. The sun sheds light on us. It represents consciousness or what we're already aware of. When the sun is eclipsed into darkness, it represents an opportunity to become consciously aware of our unconscious, which creates exponential opportunity for healing and growth. 

How we experience this rise of unconscious emotions, memories, conditioning, trauma, and beliefs that are ready to be acknowledged, accepted, and healed is unique to the individual. There are commonalities that are experienced between people, but overall we each have a unique set of experiences that influence our experiences and perception. 

No matter how this intense eclipse energy is influencing you, I want to remind you that you have the power within you to influence right back…

And I don’t mean that you have to literally influence the sun, I mean you have the power to influence how you feel in response to the solar eclipse energy. 

To learn more, subscribe to THRIVE (my email newsletter) or schedule a Discovery Call (they are always free!) to discuss how my wholeness approach fits with your needs or to learn more about influencing how you feel and show up in your body and in the world. Your body is holding your stories...

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