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Self-relationship shifts within the body

body holds your stories body is key self-worth wholeness approach May 27, 2021
When you’re with friends and you happen to have a fireplace with a bear rug, it inevitably leads to an abominable boudoir shoot…I had so much fun being silly and channeling my inner sexy yeti!
When I look at this picture (see image), I feel like celebrating my body just the way it is…flaws and all.
My body deserves celebration and so does yours just the way it is, for not other reason than it exists and it has carried us through our human experiences. Part of that human experience includes varying degrees of wonder, delight, pleasure, pain, and every other possibility…and the body endures, it keeps going in whatever ways are unique to each of us. But if celebration doesn’t feel attainable right now, that’s okay. It is absolutely okay to feel how you feel. I haven’t always felt love for my body, instead I was really unkind to myself about my body for a long time. I felt like it was not good enough and that it had failed me. I believed perfection was required in order for my body to have value.
I’ve since shifted my self-relationship, self-image, and self-worth by identifying the underlying beliefs, fear, shame, and conditioning in my body and releasing it from my nervous system.
The first step in my wholeness approach is to Identifying patterns, blocks, and emotions related to the issue which is an intuitive, energetic practice. The next step addresses the body with regulating nervous system techniques in which makes it a) easier to practice shifting behavior and mindset and b) makes space for new patterns/potential. This is followed by simple practices that address emotions, develop clarity, and increase self-awareness.
This is wholeness-based healing and growth looks like… it addresses energy, emotions, body, mind, and spirit for increased comfort, balance, and function on all levels of YOU. If you are ready for a shift in self-image or self-relationship, you can learn more about a wholeness approach that shits your needs and resources by scheduling a free discovery call with me anytime you’re ready.
If you are currently struggling to love yourself or your body as it is right in this moment, I want to share a tip that may help you start a shift toward self-acceptance that leads to improved self-relationship/self-love…
I suggest starting or resetting your efforts by giving yourself permission to shift your self-image, self-worth, and/or self-relationship.

Though you can do this anyway that feels natural to you, one way to give yourself permission is to make eye contact with yourself in a mirror and speak the words, “I give myself permission to ____________”.

  • “I give myself permission to accept my body.”
  • “I give myself permission to shift into a more supportive, sustainable relationship with myself.”
  • “I give myself permission to love myself as I am.”

These affirming statements are most effective a) with eye contact maintained while speaking them (though it may be difficult to maintain eye contact at first, if so keep practicing or try a different statement for a while), b) when you select an affirming statement that resonates with you as truth, or something you are able to believe or accept, and c) practiced daily in an upright posture position (or power pose, as named by Amy Cuddy).

Posture is one of a number of simple tools you embody that can have a big impact on your healing and growth outcomes…including improving self-relationship. This is something I teach and incorporate in my coaching and other programs, and it is one of many ways the physical body influences how we think, feel, experience, and relate to ourselves, others, and the world. This is why the body is key to healing and growth…all parts of the whole person influence one another but when we embody the shifts, we begin to experience our healing and growth in ways that are more easily perceived.

Remember, even if you aren’t loving yourself right now…I love you just as you are. It is important to be supported by community that loves and accepts you and sees your value and worth…especially when you are unable to connect to those things internally.

If you want to learn more about how an intuitive, wholeness-based approach to growth and/or healing can help you with your specific issues…or you just want to see what I’m all about…check out my website or schedule a free personalized chat with me (aka Discovery Session) where we can discuss your needs and options to meet them.

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If you implement the suggested practice in this post, I’d love to hear your feedback after 2-4 weeks of regular practice…check in with yourself now, and then reevaluate in 2-4 weeks to observe the shift(please advise if the link is not accessible, email [email protected])

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