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focused on unburdening your body of past or present grief that can weigh your down and interupt how you feel and function.

We all experience grief for a wide variety of reasons. Some grief is more difficult to process than others.

The presence of grief in our body (because that is where we experience our emotions) signifies the presence of love, concern, connection, and deep or profound meaning. Grief that is compounded can impact how we feel and function, holding us in pain of the past that makes it difficult to find joy in the present. Not to mention it can impact our physical health, often with chronic respiratory or digestive symptoms or issues.

Allowing the experience of grief is a way to honor what was, what is, and what will be. Processing grief and other emotions can be the bridge that connects us to our own resiliency, it is a pathway to joy and hope...

Grief can feel so intense, sometimes like it may consume you. It is completely understandable if you cope with grief with avoidance, stuffing it down, or dissociating. When emotions are so intense and so...BIG...not allow it is sometimes the only way we can get through the day. 

Some grief is that big, and it's rarely a "feel it and forget it" emotion, which is why it is helpful to process it in a controlled, supported group allow you to process emotions with less risk and with greater efficacy. 

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Watch, listen to, or read the session to activate the healing of past and present grief once, or as often as you like for ongoing healing support...

Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm offering this session as a way to support your body's natural healing and regulating systems.

My specialty is listening to the body, which really means listening to the WHOLE the body is the container and filter of all our experiences, emotions, thoughts, memories, beliefs, identities, and more. My focus is on educating people how to listen to their bodies, and supporting them in growing self-awareness and clarity, repatterning our body & brain to the present so we can overcome the limitations and pain of the past, and creating more capacity for recovering faster from intense emotions and life's ups/downs.

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  • support your body's natural healing and regulating systems
  • discover the role of our basic needs being met in our healing and growth process (and progress)
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