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Thriving Empath Mini Course

This Bite-Size Empath course provides and overview to achieve a better understanding of yourself so you can work WITH your sensitivity, instead of having it work against you. Some of you will be able to shift your experience into one that suits you during this course, others will need 'extra', and others yet may be inspired to deep dive into the full Empath Empowerment Program (EEP).

The Empath Empowerment Program is designed for those who are inspired by the Bite-Size course to go the distance without having to figure things out fully on their own. The EEP provides group support during a go-at-your-own pace program that guides you through the steps and actions necessary to change your experience. This full program is 6-8 weeks in length and requires a certain level of commitment to yourself and to working with the actions and information taught in the program. 

The Advanced Empath Empowerment identifies the subconscious, underlying wounds and pain points that can interfere with your Empowered Empath experience. This is where you will deep dive into your unconscious by working one-on-one to reveal what is operating on auto-pilot and interfering with your empowered Empath experience...or help you utilize your newly created empowered Empath experience in ways you only ever dreamed of by helping you tap into that unrealized potential that comes from receiving super-high levels of subtle information.

To meet the course creator and your personal course guide, please watch the video and then dive into your first lesson at will!

You will receive one lesson each week for 6 can access it as long or often as you like. Here are some tips:

  • watch the videos (audio only and/or subtitles are available, if you prefer)
  • do the worksheets/tasks (they will help you process, identify, and integrate)
  • ask questions, you are welcome to comment here in the course material